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Supermarket Products vs Salon Products

When it comes to knowing what products to use on your hair, it comes down to a matter of ‘you only know what you know’.
If you have never been educated, then you will never know what damage cheap products are doing to your hair, so this is where i come in to educate you as much as i can so then you can make your own decisions from now on as to what you use on your hair.

I’ve touched on this topic a few times over the years on my social media but thought it was time to give you guys some in depth education as to why professionals wouldn’t touch super market products with a ten foot pole!
This also applies to products from the chemist or priceline for example, and another BIG one is chemist warehouse (NOT a professional retailer for haircare).

The number one reason why I recommend avoiding supermarket products is the silicones in the shampoo and conditioners.
Yes, most products out there contain silicones, even salon quality ones. BUT there is a humongous difference between cheap silicones and good silicones.
When i say ‘good silicones’, i don’t mean they are great for your hair, i mean they are okay for your hair and won’t leave your hair with a coating around the hair strand.

Cheap silicones coat your hair leaving a nice soft, silky feeling, sometimes shiney. DON’T be fooled by your lush feeling hair! In fact, what it is actually doing is damaging your hair.
You will most likely find over time, that you will experience dryness, frizz, unmanageable ‘fluffy hair’, knotting, breakage.. You name it!
This is because the coating doesn’t allow your hair to breath!

I have to walk down the shampoo isles sometimes to get some soap or tooth paste etc, i literally have to hold my breath. I get an instant headache from the smell that surrounds the hair product section!
Do you get light headed or head achy too? Good! I’m glad i’m not the only one.
This is because of the nasty ingredients in the haircare.

Have you ever given your shampoo a bit of a shake, and it sounds like it’s having a splash in there? Sounds a bit like dishwashing detergent? Well, you will never get that with salon quality shampoo or conditioner because of the quality of ingredients and because the ingredients are so highly concentrated that they are quite thick compared to runny.

But it’s so much cheaper to just buy what’s on sale at the supermarket. Yes i know, you’re literally getting what you pay for.. Sorry but it’s true. In fact, I dare you to buy one bottle of salon shampoo and see how long it actually lasts you. I bet it will last you a lot longer than your supermarket shampoo. Why? Because you don’t need to use much. You could use a 20c piece size in your hand and that will lather over your whole head. And when you go to do your second shampoo, you won’t even need to use as big as a 20c piece, you might find you only need a 10c size.

Now you want to get your hair coloured, let’s say you want to go a couple of shades darker, like a beautiful chocolate brown.
Great, let’s do this. Your hairdresser applies your colour, let’s it develop and then rinses you off with a nice head massage to finish. You walk out spending big bucks on your beautiful new colour.
Then.. you go home and when it’s time to wash your hair yourself, you see your colour has faded.. ALOT.
This is because your hair has the coating around it. When your hairdresser applies the colour, instead of the colour pigments entering the core of each hair strand, they sit on the outside of the coating with very minimal pigment actually entering into the hair where it should go.

So with every wash, your new colour is just washing straight off of your hair and going patchy, looking ‘red’, fading out quickly and not lasting.. You get where I am going with this.

Or maybe you want to be blonde! How fun. Seems like a fun idea until your foils blow out like balloons and start steaming and if you’re super unlucky, your hair will, what we like to call it, ‘catch on fire’. This is where your hair gets so hot so quick it actually burns your hair to the point where it all melts off. I’m not joking, I wish I was.

What causes this? The same coating that stopped your beautiful chocolate brown hair from staying fresh.
I just want to point out that everyone’s hair is different and I am talking about the worst case! Each product has different amounts of silicones in them which then plays a role of how coated your hair is.

Back to the catching on fire bit..

Once the lightening powder (bleach, i like to sound professional at times hehe) is applied to your hair and is wrapped in foil where the heat cannot escape, it has no choice then to just expand and keep cooking. This is a reaction to the silicone coated around your hair. Definitely something your hairdresser NEEDS to consult with you when colouring your hair when not knowing your hair history and products.

If your hair is highly coated in silicone, your hair will react and then get really hot, so hot you cannot touch the foil without it burning your fingers. Ouch! It needs to be washed off straight away.

If I can give you one piece of advice, listen to your hairdresser if they are recommending that you buy professional products. What is another $50 odd dollars on top of your colour service to keep your colours looking amazing and in healthy condition?

Hey, you learn something new everyday!
Support your hairdresser and make good choices for your hair.

Ashlee xx

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