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What’s Happening in 2021

Hey! Ashlee here, today I want to chat with you about what our plans are for 2021.

Our salon has had some redecorating this year already, 5 brand new salon chairs. I ditched the old black chairs + switched them out for our new ‘Rosie’ chairs which are a beautiful light blush pink colour.. + super comfy!

Our reception desk is also new which allows us to display our products in the front of it, which looks really nice!

Next on our list for redecorating is our wall behind the reception desk, there is going to be a beautiful boho floral wall paper on there. Delila is also getting a new feature wall with matching wallpaper.
So far our clients have loved our new look + laugh at me because they say every time they come in there is something different done. I need to make some changes often to keep my creative work space alive + motivating for me. How refreshed do you feel when you move furniture around at home + get a new piece of art or a plant? Same feeling for me!

I have a couple of new things I would like to upgrade in the salon at a later date, but best for me not to mention them just yet in case I don’t get around to doing them, I don’t want to make any empty promises.
Our online store is live! Yay! If any of you guys have ever built a website before, you would know how long it takes to get it up + running. I have been working on this website with my team for 6 months + we are finally here. All the little things it takes to put it together, the images, the content, setting up all the payment options.. So on.. So much work involved. But it’s all worth it.

Currently we have our olaplex range + also our Clever Curl curly hair products which i just love using not only on my clients, but on myself! I use them all on me + wouldn’t recommend anything else for healthy hair + for making those curls bounce!

I have a small range of my Moose Hair branded beauty products, currently we have some make up remover pads + I have been in the sampling process for some other accessories to assist your curly hair at home that I would love to have ready by the end of the year, but we will see how we go! It’s a big job sampling products because I only want to give you the best of the best. I won’t settle for average quality. The year is just flying by, I can’t believe we are almost half way through the year already. Crazy!

I have one product that I am about to start production for + if you’re reading my blog, then you are the first to know about it. It is a cordless hair curler that is charged with a USB cable + you can literally take it anywhere to do your curls or even just a freshen up. I have sampled it this year while my graphic designer has been creating the beautiful packaging for it. I cannot wait to get production underway + bring this out to you!

If you’re a curly hair gal + you want to see any particular hair accessory that will help your curls, please let me know as I am always on the hunt the best products for you all to use at home.

That’s all that is currently in the works + in my plans for 2021.. When i say currently, I mean I am always thinking of new stuff so you’ll probably see some different things pop up here + there that I didn’t mention in here.

Ashlee xx

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About The Author


Hair has been in my blood for as long as I can remember. I started my hairdressing journey at the age of 14 + I purchased my first hair salon at the age of 18. 10 years later this business is still continuing to grow, which is why our online store is alive + thriving

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